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OXVA Uni RBA Coil Ireland

The OXVA Origin UNI RBA coil has been designed for use with OXVA Origin pod vape kit and Origin X Pod Kit. This rebuildable atomiser allows you to fit your own rebuildable coils. This coil can be adapted to support both mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping. 


  • OXVA Origin Rebuildable Coil
  • Two Post Deck
  • Supports Single Coil Builds
  • Adjustable Airflow

Featuring a classic two post deck it’s easy to fit a single rebuildable coil onto the deck and it is spacious enough to fit a variety of different coil types, working best with single strand coils. On the bottom of the deck is an adjustable airflow for better control of vapour flow.


  • OXVA UNI Rebuildable Atomiser

Important information about Rebuildable Atomisers:

Rebuildable atomisers are recommended only for experienced users. You should have the knowledge and access to the equipment that is required to set up this atomiser properly.

Before building or using an RDA you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, Ohm's Law and vaping in general.

Before fitting a coil onto your rebuildable atomiser ensure it is in a safe condition and registering the correct Ohmage, this testing and checking can be achieved by using a dedicated Ohmmeter. Coils should not be tested on vape devices.

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