Aspire - Cleito Coil

Ohm: 0.2Ω (55-75W)
Sale price€4,50


Aspire - Cleito Coils Ireland

 This well-known coil system features atomizers with stainless steel cores, allowing for improved airflow and flavor control. Each coil comes equipped with 100% organic cotton and stainless steel-plated connections, providing enhanced durability and conductivity when heated. Offering a range of resistances from 0.15Ω Mesh (60-75W), 0.2Ω (55-75W) to 0.4Ω (40-60W), this product is compatible with the Aspire Cleito Tank, Aspire Cleito Pro Tank, Aspire K4 Kit, and Aspire Cleito Exo Tank.



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