Ten Motives Refills in Ireland - An Update (Discontinued?)

Ten Motives Refills in Ireland - An Update (Discontinued?)

Ten Motives are one of the most popular vape brands in Ireland. With their simple easy to use cartridges and their easy to charge battery that is the same size as cigarette. 

We have just received very bad news from BAT who own Ten Motives, that they are pulling the Ten Motives Kit and the Ten Motives 4-Pack of refills out of the Irish market.

This is devastating news for all users of the fantastic cigalike device in Ireland, but rest assured we have good news. 

We have ordered a huge stock of Ten Motives Tobacco 16mg cartridge refills (4-pack) and have them in stock now and we will be getting the Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette in over the next week.

Although they have been discontinued from Ireland, we can source the exact same product from our trusted suppliers in the UK where it is still being sold, so we will continue to have stock for the foreseeable future.

We would highly recommend stocking up on the refills as these Ten Motives cartridges are in short supply and huge demand.

We ship across the Republic of Ireland with DPD, so no matter whereyou are OB Vape has you covered.

We will leave links below to the refills & the kit.

Ten Motives E-Cigarette Refill (4-Pack) - LINK

Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Kit - LINK