Ten Motives E-Cigarette Refill (4-Pack)

Flavour: Tobacco
Nicotine Strength: 16mg
Sale price€12,00


Ten Motives / 10 Motives E-Cigarette Refill Ireland

Your favourite Ten Motives / 10 Motives refill is now in a new 4 pack format. The Ten Motives Refills are only compatible with the Ten Motives Device.


Replacement Cigalike Cartridges


1 x 4 Pack of Ten Motives Refills

Now available in menthol.



Each Refill is Equivalent to 25 Cigarettes

Active ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene glycol, Nicotine and Flavourings

Consumption and length of time refills last will vary depending on a consumer's individual vaping habits

Please read our blog about the future of Ten motives refills in Ireland.

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