Oxva Xlim / Xlim Pro Pod Replacement

Ohm: 0.8
Sale price€4,75


Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Replacement Ireland

Replacement pod Xlim V3 for OXVA Xlim vape kits.


The latest Xlim V3 model features an enhanced filling system. Instead of needing to take the pod out of the battery to fill it, there is a silicone-topped fill port located on its upper side.


Xlim V3 pods come in a 2ml plastic container, featuring a coil and e-liquid, and simplifying the vaping process with its plug-in design. Resistance options include 0.4Ω for direct lung hits, 0.6Ω for restricted direct lung, 0.8Ω for loose mouth-to-lung, and 1.2Ω for tight mouth-to-lung. When the coil or cotton wears out, replacement of the entire pod is necessary.

The pod with 0.4Ω is designed for OXVA Xlim Pro.

Compatable with OXVA Xlim Pro and OXVA Se Xlim

The pod is not compatible with the OXVA Xlim C 

Resistance: 0.4Ω / 0.6Ω / 0.8Ω / 1.2Ω
Volume: 2ml

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