Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pod

Ohm: 0.6
Sale price€4,00


Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pod Ireland

Elevate your vaping experience with the Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pod. These pods, crafted by Aspire, a renowned name in the vape industry, offer impeccable performance and convenience. Compatible with a variety of devices, the Fluffi Replacement Pods provide versatility for all users.

Choose from two resistance options - 0.6ohms or 1.0ohms - to personalize your vaping experience with Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pods. Opt for the 0.6ohm pod for a bold and warm vape, delivering intense flavor and abundant vapor. Or, try the 1.0ohm option for a smoother and cooler draw, perfect for those who prefer a milder taste.


The Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pod includes 1 unit.



Benefit from the Aspire Fluffi Replacement Pod's two resistence options, allowing for a 2ml pod capacity for ultimate versatility.


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