Aspire - BVC Coil

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Ohm: 1.8 (7-15W)
Sale price€2,50


Aspire BVC Atomizer Coil Head Ireland

Aspire's BVC Atomizer Coils are engineered with a new wicking technology, leveraging the same advanced materials and technology used in Aspire's BVC Coils. This ensures flavor fidelity and a fully saturated vaping experience.

Furthermore, the 4 wicking holes allow for optimal wicking and an improved vaping experience.

Compatible with Aspire Maxi BDC, CE5 & CE5-S BDC, Glassomizer ET-S, K1, K2, K Lite, Primary Starter Kit, SPRYTE, and Anyvape Peakomizer, the BVC Atomizer Coil is available with 1.8 (60-75W) resistance.

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