Powerbank Smart X20 Quick Charge 10000mAh

Colour: Black
Sale price€25,00


Powerbank Smart X20 Quick Charge 10000mAh Ireland

This high-capacity power bank provides 10,000 mAh of autonomy and a 37-watt charging power. Avoid the anxiety of low battery with your vape at EP, as this universal battery enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices. The integrated Micro-USB charging cable boasts four ports—one USB-A and one micro-USB port—both of which can be used to charge the battery


Model X20, 1000mAh, 37W, 5V Type-C Input, 2.0A USB1 Output & 2.1A USB2 Output Max.

Included: 1 Powerbank, 1 Micro USB Type USB Cable

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