NicBase VPG Optima - 70VG/30PG (Various Sizes)

Size: 100ml
Sale price€5,00


NicBase Base E-Liquid VPG - 70VG/30PG (Various Sizes) Ireland

Reduce the steep time of any DIY to 30 seconds?
This is the promise of this DIY VPG Optima 30PG/70VG base in 100ml/250ml created by Chemnovatic, a recognized specialist in electronic cigarettes which already supplies many international brands of e-liquids.

This innovation which is likely to change the face of DIY is the result of scientific research carried out in European universities. A tiny ingredient kept secret, but perfectly compliant with European TPD, accelerates the maturation of aromas. This ingredient is already present in an impressive proportion of premixed e-liquids, but Chemnovatic had the brilliant idea of associating it with its bases which are devoid of sucralose and any other controversial substance. The result exceeds all our hopes!


Thanks to this Mix & Go base, you can now enjoy your DIY preparations safely and without waiting! In addition, with a high dosage of Vegetable Glycerin, the Mix & Go base ensures a generous production of steam and a hit in the throat with little support.

  • Manufacturer Chemnovatic
  • Range VPG Optima
  • Country Poland
  • PG/VG ratio 30/70
  • Packaging 100ml PE bottle with childproof lock
  • Capacity 100ml/250ml / I litre

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