NicBase DIY VG (Various Sizes)

Size: 250ml
Sale price€5,00



NicBase VG is a family of nicotine diluted with vegetable glycerin in a variety of ratios. Vegetable glycerin is used to dilute pure nicotine, creating a VG nicotine base. It is sometimes used to reduce the nicotine content in a nicotine base, or to obtain a different PG to VG ratio in a VPG nicotine base.” Unlike PG bases ,  VG nicotine bases are known for creating huge clouds of vapor , and are easier on the throat. They are loved by modders, and are particularly good for trick vaping, due to the huge, dense clouds of vapor they produce. We exclusively use vegetable glycerin of high purity and pharmaceutical quality., and the purest nicotine on the market. Add the aroma you prefer to obtain an e-liquid.



  • Available format:
    • VG-0 Pure Vegetable Glycerine 250ml
    • VG-0 Pure Vegetable Glycerine 500ml
    • VG-0 Pure Vegetable Glycerine 1000ml



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