NicBase DIY PG (Various Sizes)

Size: 100ml
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NicBase DIY PG propylene glycol (Various Sizes) base Ireland

NicBase PG is a family of nicotine bases diluted with propylene glycol in various ratios. Propylene glycol is used to dilute pure nicotine, creating a PG nicotine base. It is sometimes used to reduce the nicotine content in a nicotine base, or to obtain a different PG to VG ratio in a VPG nicotine base. Unlike VG bases , PG nicotine bases are known to produce a “throat hit”very similar to that produced by conventional cigarettes, which is why they are preferred by those who are trying to quit smoking. We exclusively use high-purity, pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol and the purest nicotine on the market. Add the aroma you prefer to obtain an e-liquid.



  • Available format:
    • PG-0 Pure Propylene Glycol 100ml
    • PG-0 Pure Propylene Glycol 250ml
    • PG-0 Pure Propylene Glycol 500ml
    • PG-0 Pure Propylene Glycol 1000ml


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