Nasty Salt - Cush Man (Mango) 10ml - OB Vape Ireland

Nasty Salt - Cush Man (Mango) 10ml

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Cush Man - Nasty Salt Juice 10ml Ireland

Mango - Cush Man Nasty Salt Juice 10ml

Nasty Salt is Specially Formulated using the Best Ingredients, to deliver nicotine faster.

Nasty Nicotine Salt Juice in Ireland You’ll never find this one of the best fruity-taste of this tropical mango flavoured e-juice. The authentic taste with a pleasant aroma will boost your appetite. Sweet mango and low mint flavour twist. Don’t miss it!

Best used in a low wattage device.

Flavour profile:
# Mango
# Low Mint for icy finish

• 10ml bottle
• Designed and works best with starter kits and POD devices
• 50% PG 
• 50% VG
• Nicotine Salt e-liquid

Available in 20mg