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Nasty 50/50 – Bad Blood (Blackcurrant) 10ml

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Nasty 50/50 – Nasty 50/50 – Nasty 50/50 – Bad Blood 10ml 10ml 10ml Ireland

Nasty 50/50 – Nasty 50/50 – Bad Blood 10ml

Flavour Profile: Nasty 50/50 – Devil Teeth. Smooth summery atmosphere best describes the fresh blackcurrant flavour. The taste when inhaled is pleasing and whilst exhaled its captivating. It might give you a summery feel but it is for sure a great vape all year round.

10ml Nasty 50/50 Bad Blood (Blackcurrant)

A sweet earthy blackcurrant flavour mixed with low mint resulted in a superbly refreshing feel and with excellent cloud production.

10ml E-Liquid  
50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 50% Propylene Glycol (PG)

Devil Teeth, above all, is just one of the many amazing flavours Nasty 50/50 make.