Liqua - Tutti Frutti 10ml - OB Vape Ireland

Liqua - Tutti Frutti 10ml

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Tutti Frutti - LiQua Mixes 10ml Liquid

Tutti Frutti - LiQua Mixes 10ml Liquid

This tutti frutti will leave you wondering how we've managed to pack so much fresh fruity flavor into a single vape. Incredibley sweet and fresh, this vape is a keeper! LiQua in Ireland Mixes 10ml e Liquid

• Tutti Frutti / Fruit Mix (Sweet and very fresh flavour)

Nicotine levels: 
 50VG / 50PG High 18mg 
 50VG / 50PG Medium 12mg 
 65VG / 35PG Low 6mg
 65VG / 35PG Light 3mg 
 50VG / 50VG Zero 0mg 

• 10ml bottle
• Designed and works best with starter kits and POD devices