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Innokin Podin Replacement Pod Ireland
This is a replacement pod for the Innokin Podin vape kit. Not compatible with other models. This pack comes with one Podin pod and two Podin coils (one spare, one pre-installed in the pod). The coils have a 1.3 ohm resistance. The capacity of the pod is 2ml. To refill, simply lift the silicone stopper and fill with your choice of e-liquid - we recommend using e-liquids that are at least 50% PG.

The Innokin Podin replacement pods are designed for use with the Innokin Podin only. Featuring a 2ml e-liquid capacity, these functional refillable pods employ an interchangeable coil system, meaning once flavour deteriorates simply replace the coil rather than the whole pod itself.


  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Interchangeable Coil Method
  • Side Plug Refill
  • 1.3 Ohm Coil Resistance

To refill the Podin replacement pods, unplug the side silicone stopper and fill with an e-liquid of your choice before securing back in. To install simply eject the empty pod from the pod mod and click in for an easy operation.

These pods utilise the proprietary 1.3 Ohm Podin coils which feature a kanthal build, meaning flavour and cloud production are suitably balanced. We recommend pairing this pod with high PG e-liquids of 50% and above for best results.


  • Innokin Podin 2ml Replacement Pod
  • 2 x Innokin Podin 1.3 Ohm Coils (1 x Pre-Installed)

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