Aspire Degerm Drip Tip Sterilizer

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Aspire Degerm Drip Tip Sterilizer Ireland


The Aspire Degerm is a drip tip / mouthpiece Sterilizer protecting you and others from Germs and Harmful Bacteria.

It may sound horrific but your mouthpiece / drip tip will contain invisible & harmful germs / bacteria. Vape shop owners often use wasteful wipes to clean testing stations and end users need to practice a more healthy and hygienic approach to looking after their own vape hardware.

The Degerm can also be used on other items such as your phone, tablet etc.

The Aspire Degerm uses lab tested technology to kill 99.9% of germs using high level UV lighting delivered within 30 seconds.

How to use the Aspire Degerm

1. Remove the grey base cover.

2. Insert the item to be cleaned into the device or place the Degerm onto a screen etc.

3. Make sure the device is switched on (5 Clicks of the button).

4. When ready to activate simply click the button 3 times.

5. The Aspire Degerm will run until its cycle is complete and indicate so by the light on the device.

6. All done your device, mouthpiece or drip tip is clean.

Fully rechargable via on board Micro USB


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