Why are Vape Shops not essential?

Are Vape Shops Essential under Level 5 in Ireland?

"I can't believe you're closed", is something we hear multiple times per day on the phone to our customers. 

According to the Irish Government, Irish Vape Shops are not essential businesses, and in turn must not allow customers into their stores or even do click & collect.

We think this is a detrimental move by the Irish Government, which in turn will lead more people to return to smoking tobacco, which is the number 1 cause of respiratory illness in Ireland. All during a global pandemic which causes a respiratory illness.

Smoking rates are reducing every year in Ireland and vape shops are the backbone to this trend. As vape shops provide a professional expert quitting service tailored to each individual smoker.

Out of thousands of people who have came to my shop over the past 2 years to quit smoking, I can barely think of one who smokes tobacco / cigarettes now, that is how powerful vaping is.

Not only that, but we find it incredibly disheartening that one can still walk into any shop and buy cigarettes without any issue, but can't walk into a vape shop to pick up their weekly supply of E-Liquid.

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, a huge amount cheap & twice as effective for quitting smoking than any other tool, and yet access to these products has been limited purely to online only. A huge amount of vapers are not able to shop online, which will lead many back the cigarettes.

The statistics for Irish smokers, 1 in 2 will die of a smoking related illness is frightening, and combined with Covid-19, a virus that attacks the lungs being so rampant, we plead with the Irish Government to change their stance on vaping.

Vape shops are extremely safe retail outlets, we have screens in place, only allow 1-2 customers in at a time, staff wear masks, sanitiser is in place and customers stay for a very small amount of time.

We ask the Government to look at the best scientific evidence on vaping conducted by Public Health England & the NHS, instead of supporting fictional studies which will cause 1000's of lives to be lost to smoking, when a safer alternative is already in our grasp.

To quote Dr. David Abrams :

"If we lose this opportunity, I think we will have blown the single biggest public health opportunity we've ever had in 120 years to get rid of cigarettes and replace them with a much safer form of nicotine for everybody."