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Eoin O'Boyle

Owner - OB Vape

Hi, my name is Rob. 

I’m a guitarist who pays the bills by working in sales. I’ve been playing in bands for 10 years and playing gigs and going to music college is what started me smoking.

The reason why I started vaping is very simple. I was smoking on average 30 rollies per day while in college and working part-time. It became a coping mechanism and a stress reliever. I think many people in similar situations understand how good that first cigarette off the day or a cigarette after a long and stressful day truly is. However, I realised that what I was doing wasn’t sustainable.

Smoking 30 a day at my age (which at the time was 21) was eventually going to cause me severe health concerns in the long run. Myself and my 2 mates (who also are avid vapours who now shop exclusively with OB) decided at a festival that after we would quit smoking and try vaping. 

I noticed after about 10 days of vaping that my breathing was already clearer and I nearly feel my lungs clearing up. Vaping is a far more healthier alternative to smoking while satisfying the nicotine craving that all smokers get. The difference was I could control how much nicotine I got and lets be honest, the variety of flavours is absolutely endless. Also the vaping culture is an extremely supportive place and everyone is there to ultimately help each other kick their smoking habit.

I have been shopping at OB for just over a year now.

Myself and the lads don’t shop anywhere else now. We always feel looked after whenever we go in. The selection of juices is incredible, the price is incredible, and the fact its a family run store really gives the place a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Brand: Nasty Juice - Slow Blow

Flavour Profile: Pineapple & Lemonade

VG/PG /Nicotine: 70/30 0mg. (available in 20mg salt)

Sizes Available: 10ml Salt/50ml ; €5/€16 

Rob's thoughts:

Nasty Juice is personally my favourite brand of e-liquid out there. I’ve tried many different brands and in my opinion just aren’t up to the standard of Nasty. The sheer consistency their juice is staggering. Now, since they have a wide array of flavours, there are some I like and some I don’t like. Slow Blow has become my default choice when buying e-liquid. Whenever I’m purchasing e-liquid, the first bottle I go for is Slow Blow. 

The most prominent flavour in the juice, and the one you will notice straight away on the inhale is the pineapple. The tanginess of the pineapple contrast beautifully with the sweetness of the lemon and lime. The low mint taste on the exhale gives it a refreshing aftertaste without being too overpowering and drowning out the other flavours. Thats the one thing with Nasty Juice, they do Low Mint to perfection. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who is looking to explore new flavours, the only thing is I can guarantee that if you like it, you probably won’t need to explore anymore

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