OB Vape Drogheda - Darren

Meet Darren.


Eoin O'Boyle

Owner - OB Vape

Hi my name is Darren. I started vaping 6 years ago. I emigrated to Canada and cigarettes were crazy money and I couldn’t find Benson and Hedges anywhere! My first vape was a pink Aspire Nautilus 2nd hand from friend that I vaped in shame! Not many people smoked in my job at the time and I was tired of smelling like smoke and everyone knowing.

It’s convenient. I’ve probably thrown away hundreds of half smoked cigarettes because I was in a rush or didn’t want to whole thing. No more “can I rob a smoke off you” from random people on nights out. Hangovers are a lot easier no more cotton mouth in the morning and not wanting to smoke for the whole day. I can just change flavours. It’s easy to stock up on juice and coils and I don’t have to count how many cigarettes are left in a box and when I will need to go to the shop next. Vaping has almost become a hobby for me between trying new mods and flavours and I can never see myself vaping/smoking any tobacco flavoured ever again. I also have asthma and I know I should probably not be vaping, but I use my inhaler significantly less now compared to when I smoked.

Darren's favourite liquid is Witchcraft Blue Lush, he gives us a well detailed description & review below, with plenty more to come in the coming weeks.

Brand: Witchcraft -Blue Lush

Flavour Profile: Blueberry & Raspberry

VG/PG / Nicotine: 60/40 VG PG , 3mg/6mg/12mg

Sizes Available: 10ml/50ml ; €5/€16 

Darren's thoughts:

My all-time favourite flavour and I have tried a lot! I love fruity flavours, but I usually lose the taste after a 50ml bottle (vapers tongue!). 

With Withcraft Blue Lush I chain vape 2 bottles in 3 – 5 days and I am already ordering another 2 at least! The sourness of the raspberries cancels out the usual sickening sweetness these types of juices typically have after 10 tank fulls. It’s amazing on coils and it’s one of the few juices that don’t make my other half feel sick from the smell. 

My tank rarely leaks which sometimes happens with more “watery” brands I have used in the past. It also blends really well with other juices if you juice swap on the same coil. I almost don’t want to recommend it because I want all the stock for myself.

We thank Darren for taking the time to write this piece and we look forward to reading more of your reviews in the future.